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Premises Licence application service

Premises Licence

A premises licence covers the premises from which alcohol is sold and also covers any licensable activities that take place at the premises. It allows a premises to serve alcohol .It also allows the sale of hot food between the hours of 22.00hrs-05.00am as well as music, performances and sporting events. You need to apply for a premises licence if you intend to sell alcohol or provide activities that require a licence from a particular venue.

Licensing activities include:

*The sale of alcohol

*Regulated entertainment

*Late night refreshment

To make a premises licence application firstly you need to have a Personal Licence holder to become  a designated premises  Supervisor then you will be required to:

1, complete and submit all of the relevant application forms to the local Licensing department

2, liaise and negotiate with your local Licensing department

3, submit a copy of your application form to 8 (sometimes 9) responsible authorities

4, find out the relevant fee for your particular premises

5, produce an advert to display in the local press

6, produce a notice which will need to be displayed outside your premises

I can do it all for you!

As a professional Environmental Health and Safety Consultant I can help you with all aspects of your premises licence. I will personally take care of the application process from start to finish.

If you would like to discuss any licensing issues with me or would like to obtain a no obligation quotation please call 01584 875818 or email me at  

The key part to any premises licence is the conditions that are imposed on it, either by yourself, or by the authorities. The Licensing Act 2002says the punishment for breaking a condition of your licence is an unlimited fine, and / or 6 months in jail. The more likely scenario however is a revocation of your licence. When an application is made, you need to not only apply to the Licensing Authority in your area, but also to 8/9 other responsible authorities. All of them can ask for conditions to be added to your licence. You certainly do not want a legal document with so many conditions on it that it restricts you.

For no obligation quotation, contact 01584 875818 email